After years of building higher end and often pretty pricey Vintage custom bikes we wanted to create something more accessible. Something not just cheaper but easier and more reliable than the the vintage bikes we usually worked with.

So, one of our main objectives was to keep the cost of 'The Mutt' as low as possible and still provide a quality product and with that in mind we needed a base to work from.

We began working with various manufacturers in the Far East to source and develop the correct donor machine. The one we plumped for uses a version of the bullet proof Suzuki GN 125 made by a Suzuki partner which is in itself a perfect starting point. This base machine has a number of Mutt specific modifications to give it that classic custom look with spoked wheels, rear drum brake, a stylish British inspired tank and a classic twin shock frame shape.

All Mutt’s then come to our workshop in Birmingham, England – the historic home of British Motorcycle manufacture, where our skilled team complete the process of customizing and creating what you see as the Mutt.



If you want to know how we did our own research check out the blog. We gave this puppy our own tests and could we break it? Not a chance, this motorcycle works and performs just like any modern Japanese 125cc bike.

So how does the Mutt differ from other similar factory produced bikes? Well... we have a history of modifying motorcycles and in fact building them from scratch - we just can’t leave a standard motorcycle alone. 

Any bike in stock form doesn’t  quite cut it for us... no matter how much retro styling goes in to a factory built bike they always seem to need that bit of extra oomph, that extra bit of special sauce…

The first special difference on the Mutt is our wheels, a lot of classic styled 125's run a 16" rear wheel with modern road tyres - o.k for a little commuter but not suitable for mud plugging, curb jumping and hacking through city traffic. 'The Mutt' runs an 18” front and back which lifts and lightens the bike and gives it more of a 60’s/70’s British bike vibe. We also add a set of higher quality adjustable shocks combined with the vintage deep tread style tyres. 'The Mutt' has a stance Steve McQueen would be proud of.

We just knew there was a bit more power hidden in that little engine so we made a new free flowing exhaust system for 'The Mutt'. Our Desert Racer System is completely made in polished stainless steel with a stainless steel Burgess style silencer. The Mongrel exhaust is heat treated in satin black with our own satin black Megaphone silencer, that's right, that black Megaphone isn't a cheap off the shelf jobby, they are designed and made specifically for our Mutts with Stainless steel internals  - a bit of extra power and an engine that sounds like it should - perfect.

To continue with the desert sled vibe on our Desert Racer we went for high mounted satin finished aluminium mudguards front and back with a little flexible rear light and British style number plate mount. The Mongrel runs same aluminium mudguards  but finished in satin black with the front guard cropped to be just enough to keep the worst of the road grime out of your face on or off road. We  supply all our Mutts with  front mudguards... although we think they look kinda cool without one.

What else do we do?  Whilst the Desert Racer and the Mongrel are essentially the same Mutt DNA they differ in their finishes, the Desert Racer runs wide chrome bars and chrome headlight and indicators with black Beston style grips. Our dirty little Mongrel runs low wide satin black bars , with translucent brown grips, black headlight and indicators and our low profile tan seat.

We go over these bikes top to bottom, each motorcycle is inspected and checked front to back then road tested by our fully qualified motorcycle mechanics in our workshops in right here in England.

Of course you are not limited to our standard Mutt, we can create a whole lot of cool styles with these bikes, from 60’s influenced dirt bikes and classic road bikes to full industrial strength satin black, knobbly tired  thumpers, or maybe you just want a variation on the standard Mutt paintwork or a different style of tyre? We have plenty of ideas and can personalize your Mutt for you. Just get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

So what do you get for your money? You get a the brand new Mutt motorcycle with two years warranty, all you have to do is RIDE.



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